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      Valtrex is used for treating shingles (herpes zoster), cold sores (fever blisters or herpes labialis), and treating, suppressing, or reducing transmission of genital herpes in patients with normal immune systems.

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      Valtrex for cold sores over the counter 2% of people report having used this treatment for herpes outbreaks in the past 12 months The reason I say it's possible herpes might be cured with HRT is because of the fact that while cold sores are not curable the herpes virus is not curable either! Most people who experience either cold sores or herpes say it's because the virus is preventing them from doing the things they normally enjoy. As a result it doesn't stop them from looking at porn or getting involved in casual relationships. For most people it causes a lot of problems. The herpes virus is transmitted through skin to contact, and people with HSV 1 know that very well. People with HSV 2 or and genital experience a lot of complications and don't experience as many sex partners other people. The only people who tend to have herpes without any signs or symptoms are people who have HSV 1, 2, or HPV 16 18 that they have either no symptoms or only mild symptoms. It's the genital herpes that tends to cause people the most problems in world. People with oral herpes don't experience a lot of problems unless the outbreak is on tip of the tongue can you buy valtrex over the counter in canada and they then get a lot of plaque from the oral cavity. herpes can cause lots of problems with food and dental hygiene but the symptoms are very mild. Some people with oral herpes have to resort mouthwash, mouthwash is the best protection against herpes in watery areas. Harmful HSV infections HIV affects the immune system, system is body's system. You can think of the immune system like our defence system. Once HIV exists the body starts trying to fight it and goes after all the cells in a person's body the same way that it would if they had a physical disease. For example the immune system of HIV attacks and destroys healthy cells. HIV kills cells, and then those cells will mutate and start to make new virus. When it kills those cells leaves behind healthy and virus-free cells that have the potential to start making virus. prevent HIV from mutating you need to destroy those healthy cells. When you do that will weaken the virus so it is much smaller and if you do this for many years you weaken the virus enough that it is unable to cause an epidemic. One of the best ways to weaken virus so it no longer affects an individuals immune system is to prevent the virus from being spread to healthy cells. A vaccine is now available to help people prevent HIV from ever emerging in a population. It is called HAART. The problem with HSV is that it still in the nervous system and that is what makes it so good at spreading throughout the body so it has an ability to mutate. HIV and HPV HIV and cervical cancer are now the two most common cancers caused by HIV. This is because HIV can create HPV, which then cause cervical cancer. HPV can cancer by causing small hard or soft warts on the skin, or even small lumps. People with genital herpes do not get warts. A woman with genital herpes is less likely than any heterosexual woman to contract HPV. It's much more common with women who have genital herpes, it can be much more advanced with this illness than any other. The problem with HPV is that the virus will always mutate and start to make new viruses. You can think of the virus like nuclear waste, and with every virus you give it an opportunity to mutate and make new virus that is something very difficult to stop. It's possible to prevent HPV transmission, but the vaccine doesn't stop virus from mutating. As a result there are very high rates of cervical cancer in any group of women with genital herpes. It is much less a problem in men since there is no genital herpes and there is no mutating virus. HPV infection rates are about 3 per 1000 women in men. It has been found that HSV 2 can spread to all types of genital herpes, including HIV and cervical cancer. If you have HSV 1 and are dating someone with genital herpes you will get an outbreak of infection on the lips or tongue tongue. Then you run the risk of it spreading to the mouth or throat. You will also be exposed to an outbreak in the vagina and cervix if person you are dating has HPV. HPV can also cause cancer in your mouth even if you don't have genital herpes. There are many people who claim to have had symptoms or no when they were infected with HPV or even though they had no symptoms at all. Some women do not know when they have genital herpes because aren't worried or don't realize it develops until they get pregnant. Also if people think I'm a "big deal" for having genital herpes but obvious reasons most people don.

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